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Natural Hoof Care, Strasser Hoof, Laminitis, Navicular, Coffin Bone
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The Goal of the ESA is to help the welfare of the horse
Frequently asked questions  

I would like to learn how to trim myself. Is it possible to do this at a three day course?

I have heard the Strasser way is too invasive. Is it possible to start slower?

My horse has high heels. I read on the Internet that if you lower the heels all at once, my horse will go lame. Is there any way to gradually lower them?

Someone told me that sometimes a horse can get worse before it gets better. Is this right?

Is it true that the Strasser Method™ only works on Rubber Clinic Flooring and actually doesn't work in the field?

I have heard from a person who tried the Strasser approach, but it didn't work for her. What are the chances for this to happen to me?

I have read on other sites that the Strasser approach trims into "live" sole. This sounds a bit scary. What does this mean?

I have heard the Strasser trimming makes horses sore. Is this true?

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