Dr Hiltrud Strasser, DVM, Ph.D.

For nearly three decades, Dr. Strasser has studied the causes and cures for lameness as well as other common health problems of the domestic horse. Using her research, she has developed a complete model for the care of the domestic horse. This model works to help minimize a large percentage of the health issues associated with the care and keeping of domestic horses today.

Dr. Strasser obtained her degrees in horse husbandry, breeding and veterinary medicine from the Humboldt and Freien Universities in Berlin. She subsequently earned and obtained her Ph.D. from the Freien University.

Using the horse and hoof as found in natural conditions as a model, Dr Strasser has had unprecedented successes in the treatment of laminitis as well as other lameness and health issues previously considered “incurable” using traditional methods. Her application of these techniques in trimming and horse keeping are also successful for use in maintaining horses by promoting optimum health and thereby extending their lifespan in domestic use.
Dr. Strasser is the author of books on lameness, healing and natural boarding for horses and has written articles for use in horse and veterinary journals, some of which have been translated into half a dozen languages. She continues to travel around the world giving seminars and teaching veterinarians, farriers, and horse owners how to cure the incurables and to provide horses with a lifetime of soundness.

To date, she has successfully launched the barefoot movement in the USA, Canada, Europe, South Africa, Great Britain, Australia and New Zealand. Her campaign for the education of new horse owners and hoof care students expands as she continues her travels across the world.

Dr Strasser is internationally recognized for her persistent struggle towards natural horse care, barefoot trimming and equine health considerations. She has recently been nominated to the American Farrier’s Journal, International Veterinarians Hall of Fame.
She continues to address assemblies and to speak on behalf of horses at special sessions for veterinarians, farriers and owners. Over the next year Dr. Strasser will be concentrating her North American efforts by doing seminars for veterinarians, and overseeing the training of the new crop of Hoofcare Students. She is also planning to take her techniques to more countries worldwide in an effort to further impact the lives of horses globally.

Aside from her profession, Dr. Strasser and her husband have raised four children. All in the family are avid riders and enjoy jumping and riding across country.

Contact information:
Hiltrud Strasser, Dr. med. vet., PhD
Blaihofstr. 42/1
72074 Tuebingen
Tel/Fax: (011) 49707187572

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